Sex and the City Fantasies of Sarah Jessica Parker Drinking Cosmos in Real Life (photo)
Sex and the City Fantasies of Sarah Jessica Parker Drinking Cosmos in Real Life (photo)

Tuesday night, Parker isn’t cautious any more. Instagram photo with the actress shows us her inner Carrie Bradshow with pink drink.

“Life imitating art. Happily. Cheers,” she took the shot.

SJP, We’re glad about it too.

Sarah, who is 50, In the drinking sense became a true “Carrie” not that long time ago, she began enjoying cosmos, this famous pink drink, just a year ago!

“I’ve made recently, I mean the very recent past, even thought ordering one”, she told Vanity Fair previous year. “I feel embarrassment doing this. I am just not a drinker, so I don’t know what to order at all, but it appeared to be delicious.”


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