Panic Over Power Cut at the Wedding of Cameron Diaz
Panic Over Power Cut at the Wedding of Cameron Diaz

A report reveals that Cameron Diaz had a panic attack at her wedding to Benji Madden due to a loadshedding just a few minutes before her walking out the aisle.

The ceremony was held at the couple’s house in Beverly Hills, California. One of the most important moments in the Hollywood actress’s life could be spoiled because of a power cut at key minutes.

The lights were flickering around 10 seconds, according to a report on It is also mentioned in the report that outrageous language was heard coming out from Diaz’s mouth. At first she exclaimed "S**t, f**k, this is f**ked up” and then she was shouting “You've got to be f**king kidding me!"

Finally, the lights were back on and the ceremony was able to continue as planned. Nevertheless, an insider reported another “surprise” the couple faced with. Madden’s 5-year-old nephew Sparrow made a big slip up while carrying the rings. The source mentions that the guests subdued laughter when the boy dropped the ring which was rolling around after. When the groom and the best man, his brother Joel, started looking for the ring on their knees, the audience broke out in laughter.


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