Kristen Stewart is Upset with 'No One is Giving More of a F--k Than She'
Kristen Stewart is Upset with 'No One is Giving More of a F--k Than She'

Years of Kristen Stewart being in full view of audience for Twighlight passed, just as her romantic affair with Robert Pattinson and her passing fancy connected with the director of Snow White and the Huntsman, Rupert Sanders, and her unwillingness to show her smile for photos. It looks as if she has cultivated.

Though, a new interview in Salon says that this seeming attitude could not be an onward truth.

The 24-year-old star admitted that she is feeling as if no one gave more of a f—k like she does. She confessed that this seems ironic to her.

Famous for her pout on the red carpet, the polarizing star has kept clear of blockbuster films after the Twilight film series ended back in 2012. She was choosing parts in indie dramas since then.

She told Salon that she have not always been fully comfortable while being spotlighted. She complained that people always ask if she chooses the projects for redefining herself or people’s perception for her. The actress stressed that her answer is such cases is “no”.

Currently she takes part in shooting of the appealing drama called Still Alice. Stewart plays the headstrong daughter of Julianne Moore’s titular personality, a 50-year-old woman. The character is ill with Alzheimer’s disease. This illness is a far cry from her youth when she was in love with a vampire.

The actress said that actors can make fun of things while shooting films. Though, she considers that in case with Still Alice they are taking a significant step towards helping others understand things which are usually denied.


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