Kim Zolciak thanks Her Plastic Surgeon for Her 16yr Old Boobs
Kim Zolciak thanks Her Plastic Surgeon for Her 16yr Old Boobs

Celebrities, be honest, take example from Kim Zolciak! This star is not scared of speaking about her plastic surgery. The star did not keep her abdominalplasty in secret. Now she honestly told about her breast augmentation. It was made by Dr. Lenny Hochstein. Zolciak uploaded a selfie on Instagram. She is posing in a bikini and waiting for Kroy Biermann, her husband, in order to tie a boat.

This was done to parade her rack, not the results of her waist trainer.

The photo has a caption. It reads that Zolciak is very thankful for her breasts to her doctor. She is so happy to share who and what she adores. The woman feels very blessed. Dr. Hochstein turned her boobs back to 16 years old one’s after Kim has breastfed all six of her kids.

Her “boob God” doctor has become a dad not long ago. Surely, Zolciak did not miss a chance to reveal how happy she is for him.


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