J.K. Rowling Dissed Serena Williams' Body on Tweeter
J.K. Rowling Dissed Serena Williams' Body on Tweeter

J.K. Rowling is famous for calling out people on social media. She enjoys putting people on trial before her nearly 5 million admirers. The author of Harry Potter insulted tennis professional on July 11.

Rowling wrote about body of Serena Williams. Her tweet read that she is built like a man. The writer wrote that her husband looks just like that in a dress. Though, later, the message was deleted.

The scribe, who is 49 years old, uploaded pictures of 33-year-old Williams. The tennis champion looks fabulous in a red gown and heeled.

The sportswoman was too busy holding her huge trophy from Wimbledon. Therefore, Williams did not react on Rowling’s disrespectful message.


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