Gwyneth Paltrow believes in Her Daughter’s Powerful Future
Gwyneth Paltrow believes in Her Daughter’s Powerful Future

The Variety‘s Power of Women lunch party took place at the Beverly Wilshire (Beverly Hills) this Friday. Gwyneth Paltrow was the hero of the occasion. The star shared that her 11-year-old daughter Apple from Chris Martin, her former husband, is the powerful woman she admires.

The 43-year old actress considers that if her kid likes Taylor Swift, then it is a good sign. She thinks that Apple is very gifted. The 11-year-old kid already writes her own music, so she is not naked while on the red carpet. Apple is a very quick-witted businesswoman. Therefore with role models of the kind her daughter cannot go wrong.

The proud mother is sure that Apple’s generation will output stronger, outspoken women. According to her, the generation will do something outstanding. She believes that those girls have lots of power. They are not ashamed of the femininity. Paltrow says that we are within an inch of something truly special.

The luncheon was held with L.A. Kitchen. This restaurant provides the needy citizens of Los Angeles with leftover food from the restaurants. The honouree outspoke an acceptance speech. The star introduced sad statistics about hunger around the globe. She is sure that there is enough food produced in the world and it is possible to feed 7 billion of people. Unfortunately one third of the food is wasted. One in eight people (the statistics includes many children) remain hungry because of food wasting.

Besides, Paltrow revealed that it is exciting for her to be a woman nowadays. A woman has right to be thoughtful, intelligent, articulate and dissolute along with being nurturing, maternal and sexual for other woman.

The actress is sure that she is a completely integrated woman. She just knows that Apple will also be that kind of woman.


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